NIYS apartments

About NIYS Apartments

NIYS apartments offers rental space that operates with the concept of ' A space to share peace and ideas.'

We offer locations for those who wish to relax, work on their projects, or to hold a celebration for friends or other special people. There are fully furnished rooms available, as well as easy to use kitchen appliances and convenient public infrastructure.
We will offer a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone who uses our facilities.

  • Multiple uses

    Multiple uses

    The locations can be used for various purposes. Anywhere from a small to medium sized group.

  • Easy to reach location

    Easy to reach location

    Only a 1 minute walk away from the convenient and easy to use JR Meguro Station.

  • There is no need to get or return a key

    There is no need to get or return a key

    Because we use a digital lock system, you can leave the location without need of getting or returning a key.


  • Stay

    There are many accomodations available, including those with kitchens. There are many places available to satisfy your every need.

  • Party

    It is available for use for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasions.

  • Conference

    It is availbe to use for small to medium sized meetings.

  • Shooting

    There is plenty of space for various uses, such as filming.

  • Training

    Training can be conducted smoothly, due to it's quiet and calm surroundings.


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Please feel free to contact us at any time.